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The Serene Principality of Serendip Ministry of Truth

Greetings, and welcome to the Principality's Ministry of Truth Webpage.

National Language: English
National Religion: The Orthodox Church of Universal Theology
National Government:  Constitutional Theocratic Monarchy (Principality)
Monarch of SPoM: Prince-Bishop David of Serendip
Spiritual Leader: Prince-Bishop David Serendip
Prime Minister: Honorable Jefferson Napoleon Alilin-Elardo, OKSPoS
National Currency: the SPoS Lira
National Saints: Saint Christine the Amazing and Saint Sebastian
National Day: 9 April, birthday of the Prince-Bishop

This page is being errected, please be patient.  In the near future we
will be posting additional factual information about the Serene 
Principality of Serendip, formerly the Serene Principality of Monastico.

The Serene Prince-Bishop David of Serendip

A message from His Serene Highness, David of Serendip, Prince-Bishop:

Our legitimacy is being questioned.  Let me here address the FACTS.

The Principality is a social experiment in political, social and economic
subversion.  Citizenship is freely offered and bestowed upon 
interested individuals.  It can be revoked, however, at my discretion
for treasonous behavior.

The internet provides for the existence of sovereignties of like-mined 
individuals parallel to the macro-world.  It affords such parallel 
sovereignties the ability to exist without relationship to macro-
national, ethnic, religious, racial, gender, or sexual divisions.  By 
delaring Sovereignty, Serendip, like The Republic of Lomar and the 
government of Tibet (in exile), are proclaiming our right to exist, 
to govern our own internal affairs and to conduct our own foreign 
relations with other sovereign bodies.

Furthermore, the internet renders the traditional territorial claim 
for sovereignty no longer applicable.  This technological advance, 
along with the long established recognized sovereignty of 
The Sovereign Order of Malta, are the two precidents which allow 
the extra-territorial internet micro-nations to claim sovereignty.

This does not mean that the Principality has no territorial claims, but rather 
that we claim sovereignty over the nomadic, unfixed and current 
habitats of its citizens.  The Principality realizes the practical realities of 
claiming such "occupied" territories.  Our position is 
that all citizens shall comply with the laws of the occupying macro-
nation(s) until such time as Serendip's sovereignty is acknowledged.  
The Principality reserves the right to claim territory in the future as may be 
necessary or desirable.

Our existence is real.  Our mission is clear.  The Serene Principality of Serendip is NOT an 
imaginary country, a role playing game, or a joke (though we 
reserve the right to use humor, parody and satire).

hsh, david of serendip, prince-bishop
on this day of our lord, 4 august 1998
modified this day of our lord, 27 august 1999

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