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The Orthodox Church of Universal Theology

Welcome to the website for The Orthodox Church of Universal Theology. The Most Reverend David Locicero is Bishop and Patriarch.

About the Church

The Orthodox Church of Universal Theology is an evolving spiritual
body founded and led by the Right Reverend David Locicero as Bishop
and Patriarch.

The Most Reverend Locicero has been ordained by the Universal Life Church, whose
credo is to "do that which is right".  Within that umbrella the 
ministers of the ULC are free to develop their own faith and ritual.

We are:
Orthodox in the sense that a structured faith and ritual based on 
Judeo-Christian foundations is still seen as a legitimate enterprise;

Church in the sense that a body of people are joined together in 
fellowship who share a unified vision of the Spirit;

Universal because the Spirit is not unique or exclusive to Jews,
Christians, Islamic, Hindu, Budhist or any other faith structure;

Theological because issues of faith are critical to each of our lives.

Basics of Faith

The Creed of The Orthodox Church of Universal Theology:

We believe in God, The Spirit of all Things, animate and inanimate.
Spirit and Matter are inextricably bound together and are one.


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The Office of The Paradox
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