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Serendip Links

These links are offered as a courtesy for the curious.

The Principality will provide links to other micro-nations when agreements of 
mutual recognition are made.  

Serendip Links

Micronations Page: a good primer on micronations for the uninitiated
Unrecognized Nations and Peoples Organization: an organization dedicated to representing the interests of various unheard peoples
World Citizenship Services: not a micro-nation, but the ultimate macro-world expression
saint sebastian's virtual church: the catheral church of the orthodox church of universal theology
dsl's world: the personal website of his serene highness, david of serendip, prince-bishop

Serendip Links to Micronations

The Republic of Lomar: A highly respected micro-nation
Principality of Nova Arcadia: A Gracious and Illustrious Micro-nation
The Aerican Empire: An Extensive and Silly Micro-nation
The New Worcester Kingdom: A Spunky new Micro-nation

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